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Chores for Preschoolers

Posted on 12-28-2017

Make chore time a family affair! Housework isn’t always the most exciting thing, but teaching your preschooler valuable life lessons is. Involve your child in chore time by trying one of these fun ideas!

Take the time to teach them first! You can’t expect your preschooler to know exactly what to do after watching you unload the dishwasher one time. Although it may take more time at first, letting your child be fully involved in the process will pay off in the long run. Teach your child the right way the first time and guide them less and less each time they try on their own.

Create a reward system! Who doesn’t love to be rewarded after they’ve completed a task? By creating an incentive for your preschooler, they will hopefully be more motivated to complete their assigned chore. Ideas for rewards include getting to play their favorite game with you, getting to go to the park, or getting their favorite snack later in the day!

Make chore time into a game! Chores don’t have to be dreaded around your house. Create games around the chores you would like your preschooler to help you with. If toys need to be picked up, time your little one to see how fast they can finish. If the laundry needs to be folded, see how many socks your preschooler can match up.

Chores no longer have to be a bore! Your child will love helping you and will learn new skills along the way.

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