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Extracurricular Activities That Aid Your Child’s Development

Posted on 05-02-2016

Well-planned extracurricular activities can help enhance your child’s learning experience and overall development. Children learn most when they are given new and challenging experiences that expand their knowledge and broaden their skill sets. It’s important to encourage your child to explore and try a variety of extracurricular activities to promote development, enrichment and boost confidence!

Extracurricular activities are especially beneficial for social development. Any time children are encouraged to work together and share ideas, they are fostering important social skills like teamwork and camaraderie. Kids ‘R’ Kids of Greensboro offers children the opportunity to learn these valuable skills through team sports like soccer and baseball. Not only do these curriculum enhancements provide students with opportunities to develop greater social skills but they also promote physical fitness and health.

Extracurricular activities also benefit cognitive development. Cognitive development has to do with a child’s ability to think and reason. Any activity that promotes thinking skills, like learning a foreign language or engaging in computer technology, enhances brain development. Kids ‘R’ Kids of Greensboro provides children the opportunity to learn Spanish through Kinder Spanish for children ages 3 and up. Computer technology training is also provided for children through Computer Explorers.

Children also benefit emotionally and physically from extracurricular activities. Children who are consistently challenged and learning grow to become more confident, coordinated, and creative. Activities that encourage hard work and collaboration with peers foster a sense of pride and accomplishment for children to share with each other, while physical activities contribute to increased fitness, agility, strength and even academic performance. Kids ‘R’ Kids of Greensboro provides music, dance and gymnastics classes for children to express themselves in a healthy and safe environment.

As a parent, you want to see your child grow and flourish. Extracurricular activities can help your child be more physically active, alert and creative. By enrolling your child in one of our curriculum enhancements, you are helping your child develop into a healthy and active lifelong learner. To see a full description of all the extracurricular activities offered at Kids ‘R’ Kids of Greensboro, click here

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