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Fun Exercising with Your Toddler or Preschool Child

Posted on 01-15-2016


Are you a parent, with an infant or preschool child, looking for time to exercise? If so, we understand. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Greensboro on Pisgah Church Road, we are experts at helping our busy, working parents find the time they need while their child enjoys learning and growing. A well-planned exercise strategy can easily be side tracked by the needs of a child. One solution is to make your exercise routine fun and involve your child.

Start by preparing your exercise space. Get an exercise mat for yourself and a blanket for your child. Make sure you have plenty of space to move around without getting in each other’s way. Grab your child’s favorite movie, toys, and musical instruments. You can also include any item that your child can use to make interesting sounds. Making music will be your child’s primary exercise routine. Count out loud while exercising and interact with your child as often as possible. Your child may also enjoy moving around and mimicking your exercises. Encourage her to join in any way she chooses. If you decide to go out for a walk or jog, take a stroller and let your child enjoy the ride. If the exercising gets boring to your child, use a movie or toy as an alternate form of entertainment.

Exercising is an excellent way for families to spend time together. It is fun, healthy, and counting out loud is a great way for toddlers to learn. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Greensboro on Pisgah Church Road, we are committed to fun learning in a loving environment. Our infants, toddlers, and preschool children learn indoors, outdoors, through songs, art, music, technology, engaging instruction and much more. Everything we do is much more beneficial than you would receive at daycare or childcare because we are so much more!

We hope you will take a look at our dynamic programs, including our Before and After School Program and contact us for more information. We would love to offer a tour so you can learn more about us and how we help our busy, working parents.

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