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Language, Music, and Infants

Posted on 12-02-2016

Little Sally is a bright and happy preschooler who is learning to talk. Words are broken and usually hard to understand like they are for any child that young, but she is delighted when her wants and needs are verbally communicated. “You want that ball?” Her teacher is answered by bright-eyes and a nodding head. This is what language development looks like.

Little Sally can also perfectly sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” pronouncing every word correctly without skipping a beat. She can sing along to nursery rhymes, and the ABC song without even realizing what she is doing.

Children have learned things like the names of states and capitals, names of continents, parts of speech, things like phonemic awareness and even dual languages as the result of facts being put to music. Music is powerful!

Introducing educational music to infants can stimulate brain development that no amount of book work could accomplish at such a young age.

Research by Parlakian and Lerner states,

“Like all the best learning experiences in early childhood, music activities simultaneously promote development in multiple domains. Singing a lullaby while rocking a baby stimulates early language development, promotes attachment, and supports an infant’s growing spatial awareness as the child experiences her body moving in space. Being intentional about integrating music into your program’s daily routines—thinking through, ‘What do I want the children to learn from this music experience?’—helps you design and choose activities to support specific developmental goals.”

Get a head start on your child’s development by letting educational music play in the background while they are playing with blocks or dolls, and soon you’ll find they’ve learned their ABCs, and started pronouncing words better with little to no effort on your part! Early music development is an investment that lasts a lifetime, and your little one will have hours of fun along the way!

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