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Long-distance Grandparents

Posted on 09-28-2016

Grandparents are the best. They buy us things and they never discipline us, but often they live so very far away. So, how can you help your kids stay close to your parents?

The site Grandparents.com has a few tricks up its flannel sleeves to stay connected in the everyday hustle and bustle.

Many articles include letter writing, which is a fantastic way to stay in touch nowadays. A long time ago, say, twenty years ago, it used to be a hassle to write letters. Everyone did it, it was slow, and no one liked spending the time doing it except for scribes and calligraphers. And then the internet happened.

Writing a letter nowadays, however, is fun because not many people do it, and it harkens back to a simpler time, back when Snapchat wasn’t a thing, back when you had to carry home blocks of ice with big claw things.

A few other suggestions include having birthdays at odd times of the year. Say the grandparents move to Florida for the summer, but your kids are still in Ohio. Maybe you could throw a grandparents-only party in March before they fly south for the winter.

You could send a cheap, disposable camera in the mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Tell your children to take a ton of crazy fun pictures for your parents, and then send it back to them.

One last suggestion is to have your parents send a book a month to your kids. That gets the children into reading at a young age, and it helps the whole family stay connected to fun, healthy activities.

Hopefully, your parents get as much joy from your children as you do. (Spoiler alert: They probably get more!)

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