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​Spring is the Best Season to Learn about Weather

Posted on 03-08-2016


Spring is a fun season for children to learn about the weather. Natural phenomenon like clouds, rain and strong wind is fascinating for young minds trying to understand the world around them. As a parent, you’ve probably heard countless questions from your children like, “Why does water fall from the sky?” “Why do clouds come in different shapes?” “Why are there different colors of flowers?” Asking questions about the environment is just one way children are trying to make sense of the world that they are taking in with their senses. Taking time to teach your child about the weather helps your child’s brain develop. Through curiosity and exploration, your child is learning what it means to think at a higher level.

We’ve provided several suggestions for making learning about the weather a fun experience for your whole family:

  • 1.On a particularly cloudy day, spread out a picnic blanket in the backyard or at the park, lay down, and watch the clouds go by. Ask your child to look for patterns and shapes in the clouds. Explain that clouds look different based on the amount of water they carry, how high they are in the sky and how cold it is up there.
  • 2.Cut a clear plastic 2-liter bottle in half and leave it outside during a rainy day. Collect the bottle of water once the storm ends and let your child observe it. Ask questions about its volume, color and even smell!
  • 3.If you see leaves blowing on trees and flags waving sideways, that’s a good indicator for kite-flying weather. Build or buy a kite to fly together and learn about wind, gravity and lift. Talk to your child about the power of the wind to lift the kite off the ground and defy gravity!
  • 4.Post a monthly calendar on your child’s wall and take time each day to observe the weather outside and mark it on the calendar. Provide different stickers for different elements like rain, clouds, sunshine and wind.
  • 5.Take a walk in a garden or nature center with blooming flowers. Look for flowers in each stage of the flower life cycle and explain the process of germination, pre-flowering growth, pollination and seed dispersal. If you can, buy some flower bulbs and plant some flowers in your own backyard or flower pot. Just add soil, water and sunshine and watch your flowers blossom!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Greensboro, we encourage toddlers and preschoolers to ask questions, explore, and learn. In addition to our exclusive Brain Waves curriculum, our classrooms are filled with stimulating materials that allow teachers to facilitate children’s exploration through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Contact us today to learn more about the programs Kids ‘R’ Kids of Greensboro offers to help your child learn about the weather – and more! 

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