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Talking about Saint Patrick’s Day with Your Preschooler

Posted on 03-07-2017

Your preschool child might think Saint Patrick is just a little redheaded leprechaun that dressed up in four-leafed clovers with a bucket of gold. How much do they know about the real Saint Patrick? Here are six fun facts that you can check out with your preschooler.

Saint Patrick liked blue.

Saint Patrick liked a light shade of blue that was known as “Saint Patrick’s blue.” Green wasn’t introduced to the holiday until it was linked with the Irish Independence Day, but you still need to wear green to avoiding getting pinched!

Leprechauns guard their gold.

According to Irish lore, Leprechauns earn the gold at the end of the rainbow that they’re guarding. It’s no wonder they guard it so carefully—we would too!

Saint Patrick isn’t Irish!

Saint Patrick was actually from Wales! He just ministered to the people of Ireland, so that’s why we celebrate it as an Irish holiday. Next time you read about Saint Patrick, imagine his voice with a British accent.

Four-leafed clovers are rare.

Your chances of finding a four-leafed clover are about 1 in 10,000. That’s why they say it’s a sign of good luck!

It has an old history.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in 1760 in New York. That was over 250 years ago, and the tradition is still going strong today.

Chicago dyes its river green.

In Chicago every year, the Plumbers Local 100 Union dyes the river green. It takes over seventy tons of dye to color the river, and it last about five hours. That’s a lot of dye!

Did you know these fun facts about Saint Patrick’s Day? If you’re interested in more, you can visit your local library to find books and resources about Saint Patrick and the traditions that we have to celebrate his life and ministry. You can even try out some traditional Irish dishes if you want to experience the full Irish holiday. Make it fun!

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