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Ten Ways to Help Others during the Holidays

Posted on 11-22-2016

There are so many things you can do with your preschoolers around the holidays. You can take a road trip and spend time with relatives, or you can stay at home and enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends. You may decide to take advantage of special shopping days and stand in line to get the super deal for yourself or your children.

However, some people don’t have it so lucky. They don’t have enough money or enough family. Some people don’t have homes to eat in or decorate.

During the holidays, there are always people who find themselves challenged to take advantage of the festivities. Some people do not have many choices during the holidays. They have lost a loved one and struggle to feel holiday joy. Others have physical and financial challenges and are unable to complete tasks. How can we help others who are less fortunate?

If your family is interested in helping others during the holidays, here are 10 ways ideas for caring activities.

  1. Start by thinking about people you know—people at work, your child’s friends, and your family. Is there anyone who lacks the resources to enjoy the holidays? If it is a child, talk to the parents or guardian and tell them what you would like to do for their family. Also, talk to the staff at your child’s school and ask if any families need your help. You can even give your gifts anonymously.
  2. Bake some cookies, place them in a decorative container, and share your treat with a group of friends or coworkers.
  3. Visit a senior citizen, take a special gift, and allow quality time to listen to whatever she wants to discuss.
  4. Think about people you know who are unemployed and invite their entire family to join you for dinner.
  5. Volunteer for an organization that feeds the homeless.
  6. Visit someone in the hospital and take a special gift.
  7. Adopt a family for the holidays. Buy gifts for the children and parents. Invite them to share dinner with your family.
  8. Donate blankets and small toiletries to a shelter.
  9. Buy some extra items when you shop for gifts. Give a gift to someone who does not expect a gift from your family.
  10. Purchase a few extra items when you shop for your holiday meal. Use the food to make a donation to your local food pantry.

People have needs are all around you, from close family and friends to neighbors and coworkers. Discuss the best way for your family to make a difference and plan the date that you will help. Remember, though, that some people are sensitive about needing help so be careful how you approach them. And then you can perhaps reward your child with a gift!

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